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Map Of Fluoridation Reflecting When All Three Of The Treatment Plants Begin Fluoridation


The cross-hatched pattern areas on the fluoridation map below show the change in current fluoridation in the Santa Clara Valley that will occur once the Santa Clara Valley water District (SCVWD) begin fluoridating. 


Note that parts of the Santa Clara Valley are already fluoridated in areas that receive San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) fluoridated water.  In addition, the City of San Jose has been fluoridating the Evergreen area of San Jose for many years now.


SCVWD plan to have two of the treatment plants, Penitencia and Santa Teresa, to begin fluoridation sometime in late Summer of 2017.  Construction of fluoridation equipment has begun at those facilities. Penitencia is in the North San Jose foothills and Santa Teresa in the Almaden Valley area. The third plant, Rinconada, which is in Los Gatos won’t begin fluoridation until late 2020.  The plant is currently undergoing a complete overhaul with new treatment technology. This is a 5 year project with fluoridation being one of the last additions.

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